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Coal Use and Carbon Capture Technologies

Post, July 31, 2012 • Coal is one of the most abundant fossil fuels and thus has a long history of use, from heating to steel production to power generation. Though coal use is both reliable and inexpensive, it is also a major producer of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Research into carbon capture and storage...

CRF manager Daniel Dedrick receives DOE award for outstanding technical contribution

Post, July 31, 2012 • Each year, at the Department of Energy's Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program presents "Program Awards" for contributions to the overall efforts of the Program, and "Sub-Program Awards" to recognize achievements in specific areas. CRF manager Daniel Dedrick received a Sub-Program Award for outstanding...

Leaner Lifted-Flame Combustion: An ideal companion for biofuels

Post, July 31, 2012 • When Aristotle said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, he probably wasn’t thinking of engines and biofuels. But his famous quote applies perfectly to the synergy between Leaner Lifted-Flame Combustion (LLFC) and oxygenated biofuels. Each technology has its own limitations, but combining the two may...