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Cellular Membrane Bending by Protein-Protein Crowding

Post, December 18, 2012 • Cellular membranes are made up of lipid bilayers that can be highly curved, an essential feature critical for processes such as endocytosis, organelle synthesis, cell division, and intracellular transport. Current understanding suggests that specialized proteins are responsible for membrane curvature through two mechanisms (Figure 1). The first is membrane scaffolding...

Measurements of Thermal Stratification in an HCCI Engine

Post, December 18, 2012 • Measurements of Thermal Stratification in an HCCI Engine As automotive and diesel engine companies strive to find more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly technologies, some have turned their attention to Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI). HCCI engines use fuel mixed with a substantial amount of excess air or recirculated exhaust gas...

Sandia and release ‘Goals of Energy Policy’ poll results

Post, December 18, 2012 • US energy policy should simultaneously pursue security of its energy supply, economic stability, and reduced environmental impacts, says a national poll of energy professionals jointly prepared by Sandia and The findings of the national poll, “The Goals of Energy Policy,” show that the vast majority — more than 85...