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CRF Researchers Share Their Career Paths at Math & Science Awards

Post, July 11, 2013 • At the 22nd annual Sandia/California Math & Science Awards last month, CRF researchers Patricia Gharagozloo, a mechanical engineer, and Karla Morris, a software engineer, shared their career journeys with the award recipients, 22 young women from area high schools. While their paths were quite different, they started with something in...

Fuel Cell Mobile Light Illuminates $2 Billion Highway Construction Project

Post, July 11, 2013 • Lenny Klebanoff (far left) and members of the CT DOT with the Mobile Fuel Cell Light. The Fuel Cell Mobile Light has been field-tested in a number of interesting locations—highway shoulder work for Caltrans, airfield maintenance operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), at Hollywood awards ceremonies like the Academy...