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Magnus Sjöberg receives SAE Oral Presentation Award

Post, December 20, 2013 • CRF researcher Magnus Sjöberg has received an Excellence in Oral Presentation Award from SAE International, formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers. This award, which was established to recognize outstanding speakers at SAE technical sessions, places Magnus in the top 5% of SAE oral presenters for 2013. Based on evaluations submitted...

New Methods Allow Prediction of Pressure Dependence in Chemical Reactions

Post, December 20, 2013 • Seeking to free researchers from a nearly exclusive dependence on empirical models, CRF researcher Ahren Jasper and Argonne National Laboratory researchers James A. Miller and Stephen J. Klippenstein have developed a set of theoretical methods for predicting the rates of collisional energy transfer that govern pressure dependence.1 Enabled by both...