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New Diagnostic Capability Provides 3-D Measurements of Turbulent Flame Dynamics Using High-Repetition Rate Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry

Post, July 24, 2014 • Capturing turbulence–flame interaction structure and studying time–history effects requires high-speed volumetric measurements performed at repetition rates sufficiently fast to resolve the relevant flow time scales. Advances in the CRF’s imaging diagnostic capabilities are overcoming these challenges to provide a more complete picture of the structure and dynamics of turbulence–flame interactions....

VFP Professor Balint Sztaray Continues CRF Collaboration

Post, July 24, 2014 • Balint Sztaray, a professor of Chemistry at University of the Pacific Over the past two summers and a sabbatical semester in 2013, University of the Pacific (UOP) chemistry professor Balint Sztaray and his research group have been working with the CRF’s David Osborn on a project to improve the selectivity...