Chinese research institute discuss potential collaborative areas with Sandia/California

Representatives from the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) Research Institute of China recently visited Sandia/California to discuss research capabilities, interests, and potential for collaborative research between the two entities. Jonathan Zimmerman (8367) provided an overview of Sandia and the hydrogen and fuel cells program. Ethan Hecht (8367) discussed experimental research on liquid hydrogen behavior and the HyRAM toolkit, the first-ever software system that helps quantify the risk of hydrogen infrastructure. Gabriella Bran-Anleu (8751) provided an overview on hydrogen fueling station infrastructure research and station technology. Joe Ronevich (8367) discussed Sandia’s material capabilities. The group also toured the site’s Turbulent Combustion Laboratory.

Pictured with the group from left to right are Jonathan Zimmerman, Gabriella Bran-Anleu, Joe Ronevich, Xuefang Li (Shandong University), Huajian Chang (SPIC), Scott Egbert (8751), Ethan Hecht, Tongshen Zheng (SPIC), Shui Ji (SPIC), Bikram Roy Chowdhury (8367), and Tao Li (SPIC).

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