Software Associated with the Reacting Flows Research Effort

The studies of mathematical methods and algorithms needed to computationally model reacting flows have in some instances involved the development of codes serving this and related purposes. Links to descriptions of these codes, some of which are available by download or other means, are provided here, along with brief explanations.

A flexible thermochemistry toolkit (TChem) is available at

The Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) Toolkit (UQTk) is a lightweight open source C++ library, primarily offering tools the propagation of uncertain inputs and parameters through a computational model. UQTk provides routines for evaluating algebraic expressions and transcendental functions of random variables represented with spectral polynomial chaos (PC) expansions. Nonintrusive quadrature-based spectral projection methods are also provided. The toolkit supports a variety of standard and custom basis functions. UQTk is particularly well suited for algorithm prototyping as well as for educational and tutorial purposes.

ForTrilinos provides a set of object-oriented Fortran 2003 interfaces to packages in Trilinos, a massively scalable, open source, C++ software library. ForTrilinos offers Fortran applications direct access to capabilities in the Trilinos project. ForTrilinos emphasizes portability and scalable development. Portability is achieved via standards conformance, specifically by leveraging the recent Fortran 2003 standard compiler support of C interoperability constructs. Scalable development is achieved by automating the labor-intensive portions of the interface construction process and by object-oriented design.

Morfeus is the Multiphyics Object-oriented Reconfigurable Fluid Environment for Unified Simulations. This multiphysics modeling capability is intended as an infrastructure for software that is highly flexible and reconfigurable. Morfeus aims to distill domain-specific object-oriented design patterns and demonstrate the use of more general patterns in multiphysics modeling. The Morfeus framework provides software developers with useful software architecture building blocks or interfaces to be implemented for multiphysics application.