Shock Hydrodynamics UQ

Uncertainty Quantification in the Upscaling of Thermodynamic Properties in Shock Hydrodynamics

Shock hydrodynamics simulations rely on an equation of state (EOS) to determine thermodynamic properties of materials. Uncertainties exist in these EOSs that stem from

  • noise in the experimental data used to build the EOS,
  • uncertainty in quantum-level simulations that inform the EOS, and
  • the choice of EOS functional form.

Sandia’s computational researchers are developing approaches to propagate uncertainties from the experimental data and quantum simulations through the EOS model and into the continuum hydrodynamics code. The goal is to allow the assessment of the predictive fidelity of shock hydrodynamics simulations and to assist analysts in determining the key sources of uncertainty in the model predictions. This work is in collaboration with Sandia’s Shock and Multiphysics Department using the integrated DAKOTA interface in the ALEGRA multiphysics code as a prototyping engineering environment.