Guilhem Lacaze

Guilhem Lacaze, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Reacting Flow Research

Guilhem Lacaze, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Reacting Flow Research


Guilhem Lacaze has extensive experience in research related to a broad range of topics in turbulent combustion simulation, modeling and massively-parallel high-performance computing. His past research has been focused on high-pressure reacting flow simulations of industrial applications such as liquid rockets, diesel engines, and high-pressure gas turbines. The DOE Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences Program, supported his most recent work, where emphasis was placed on advanced numerical methods, modeling turbulent combustion processes and solver optimization for exascale computing. His current work on Titan reaches unequaled resolutions and details on physical processes piloting efficiency and emissions in advanced propulsion systems. This level of accuracy is only accessible via billion-point calculations over hundreds of thousands of cores. His focus is now to use GPU acceleration to extend attainable precision. This will have a direct impact on the development of cleaner and more efficient propulsion and power devices.

Research Interests

  • Large-Eddy Simulation
  • High-performance parallel computing
  • Turbulent combustion modeling
  • Two phase flow and high-pressure flow modeling
  • Numerical methods and simulation accuracy


Aug. 2005 to May 2009

  • Ph.D. thesis: Energy and Fluid Dynamics.
  • CERFACS (European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation) and The National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT), France.
  • Title: Large Eddy Simulation of the ignition of cryogenic rocket engines.
  • Supervisor: T. Poinsot.

Sept. 2003 to Jun. 2005

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering: Fluid Mechanics.
  • ENSMA (Higher National School of Mechanics and Aeronautics), France, and University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Awards, Honors & Memberships


  • Recipient of the Early Career R&D (ECRD) Grant.
  • Focus of the research: Development of Quality Assessment Techniques for Large
  • Eddy Simulation of Propulsion and Power Systems in Complex Geometries. Funded by Sandia National Laboratories for a duration of two years.


  • Finalist Astronaut Candidate for the HiSEAS project funded by Nasa.
  • The study is designed to simulate the living and working experience of astronauts on a real planetary mission. The four-month Mars analogue mission will take place in a habitat on a volcanic plateau of the Big Island of Hawaii.


  • Ph.D. thesis selected for the prize Léopold Escande of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse.


  • Admitted to Henri IV School, Paris, France.
  • Henri IV is one of the most prestigious colleges in France.

Selected Publications & Patents

Ruiz, G. Lacaze, L. Selle, R. Mari, B. Cuenot, T. Poinsot and J. C. Oefelein. On Density Effects and Vortical Structures in a 2D LOx/GH2 Supercritical Turbulent Mixing Layer Physics of Fluids, 2013, Submitted

G. Lacaze and J. C. Oefelein. Modeling high density gradient flows at supercritical pressures AIAA journal, 2013, Submitted

J. C. Oefelein, R. N. Dahms, and G. Lacaze. Detailed modeling and simulation of high-pressure fuel injection processes in diesel engines. SAE International Journal of Engines, 2012

G. Lacaze and J. Oefelein. A non-premixed combustion model based on flame structure analysis at supercritical pressures. Combustion and Flame, 159 (6): 2087–2103, 2012

G. Lacaze, T. Poinsot, B. Cuenot, and M. Oschwald. Large Eddy Simulation of Laser Ignition and Compressible Reacting Flow in a Rocket-Like Configuration. Combustion and Flame, 156(6):1166–1180, 2009

Lacaze, E. Richardson, and T. Poinsot. Large Eddy Simulation of Spark Ignition in a Turbulent Methane Jet. Combustion and Flame, 156:1993–2009, 2009


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