Paper Analyzing Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption Wins 2015 Barry McNutt Award

Sandia National Laboratories researchers Garrett Barter, Dawn Manley, and Todd West and Mike Tamor of the Ford Motor Company have won the Transportation Research Board’s 2015 Barry McNutt Award for their paper “The implications of modeling range and infrastructure barriers to battery electric vehicle adoption.” It will be published in the Transportation Research Record.

The paper used three approaches to capture in a consumer choice model limitations of light-duty battery electric vehicles (BEVs), including reduced range, sparse public recharging infrastructure, and long recharge times, in comparison with traditional vehicles. All approaches show limited (5%) adoption of BEVs by 2050 and that the BEV mileage fraction trails the stock fraction due to the use of substitute vehicles for high-mileage trips and adoption biased toward lower-driving-intensity market segments. A parametric analysis shows that mechanisms to mitigating these non-cost barriers can significantly increase adoption rates, but that reducing battery price alone does not.

The Barry McNutt Award is given jointly by the Transportation Energy (ADC70) and the Alternative Transportation Fuels and Technologies (ADC80) committees each year for the research paper that best meets the standard and spirit fostered by Barry McNutt for excellence in transportation and energy policy analysis. McNutt was a Senior Policy Analyst in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Policy who made major contributions to national energy and environmental policies for transportation.

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