Sandia’s Combustion Research Facility announces 2018 Awards

The Combustion Research Facility recognized six researchers with three of its highest honors at the 2018 CRF Award Ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Hope Michelsen and Paul Schrader received the O.W. Adams Award. Rainer Dahms, Lyle Pickett, and Scott Skeen were the recipients of the E. K. Bastress Award. Brian Patterson received the K. R. Hencken Award.

Chris Shaddix (8300), who led the selection committee, said the awards are given to Sandians who exhibit the corporate values of excellence in research, combustion sciences, and engineering at Sandia.

W. Adams Award

The CRF’s O. W. Adams Award recognizes a Sandia employee (or a team of employees) who has made exemplary contributions to the research program of the CRF.

This award is dedicated in the name of the original — and very supportive — sponsor from the U.S. Department of Energy, Bill Adams. The recipient is recognized for blending excellence in science with other accomplishments and attributes which, taken together, help make the CRF the paradigm for government-sponsored collaborative research facilities.

Hope and Paul were honored “for developing a groundbreaking understanding of laser-particle interactions, through modeling and innovative experimental design, to elucidate the fundamental chemical physics of soot formation and environmental transport.”

E. K. Bastress Award

The CRF’s E. K. Bastress Award recognizes a Sandia employee (or a team of employees) who has made a significant contribution to a strong and effective coupling of combustion research programs to the needs of United States industries.

This award is dedicated to the memory of Dr. E. Karl Bastress, who envisioned, implemented, and guided the initial energy-conservation-related combustion research activities for the U. S. Department of Energy. Karl encouraged performance of applied and interdisciplinary research that links the fundamental understanding of combustion processes to the practical development of combustion technology. This honor is given to the individual (or team) that has been most effective in sustaining that mission.

Rainer, Lyle, and Scott were recognized “for effectively coupling high-speed measurements of diesel spray ignition with theoretical calculations to demonstrate that cool flame propagation through stratified mixtures results in dramatically enhanced ignition timing.”

K. R. Hencken Award

The CRF’s K. R. Hencken Award honors a Sandia employee (or a team of employees) who has demonstrated outstanding technical innovation and meticulous laboratory work in support of the research at the CRF.

The award is named for Ken Hencken, a longtime innovator of experimental design in the CRF. Ken made outstanding contributions to several different research programs during his career. His work always demonstrated a deep technical knowledge of the investigated processes and incorporated the latest electro-optical technologies to achieve the optimal experimental configuration. This award is given to the individual (or team) that has best exemplified this standard of excellence in experimental design and implementation.

Brian was honored “for ingenious solutions to experimental and diagnostic challenges in the design and use of ultrafast and high-power pulse burst laser systems.”

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