CRF Researchers Lead Discussion on Laser Induced Incandescence

CRF researcher Hope Michelsen led discussions on Laser Induced Incandescence (LII) modeling at the 5th International Workshop on LII, held in France. Ray Bambha, also from Sandia, presented a talk entitled “Effects of particle coatings on LII” with Michelsen and CRF researchers Mark Dansson and Paul Schrader. CRF researcher Scott Skeen presented a talk entitled…

Supercomputing In the Media: National Geographic

Kudos to Sandian Dr. Jackie Chen, whose work on exascale computing systems was recently featured in the National Geographic’s ‘Daily News’ section. Entitled “Supercomputing Power Could Pave the Way to Energy-Efficient Engines,” the news article focused on how the world’s most powerful supercomputers provide critical knowledge to spur the design of more fuel-efficient cars.