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A New Concept for Time-Resolved Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy

Post, November 22, 2013 • In developing the dual etalon frequency comb (DEFCOM) spectrometer, CRF researchers Haifeng Huang and David Chandler are refining a new concept for time-resolved Fourier-transform (FT) spectroscopy based on the interference between two transient frequency combs. By opening the door to many potential uses—including time-resolved, high-resolution, broad-band spectroscopy with a microsecond...

CRF Article Chosen by The Journal of Chemical Physics to Commemorate 80th Anniversary

Post, October 18, 2013 • A 2012 article by CRF researchers David Chandler and the late Kevin Strecker, “Dual-etalon frequency-comb cavity ringdown spectrometer” was chosen by The Journal of Chemical Physics as one of 80 articles to highlight the 80 years of outstanding work published in the journal. Recently retired CRF researcher Steve Binkley is...

Students and Professors Spend the Summer at Sandia under DOE’s WDTS Program

Post, August 20, 2014 • This past summer, the CRF was the research home to 11 students and 2 professors who participated in the DOE Office of Science's Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) Program. By allowing students and professors to conduct research internships at national laboratories, this program is helping to develop the...