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CRF Research Seeks to Improve Confidence in Large Eddy Simulations

Post, May 30, 2014 • Allowing solutions unattainable with direct numerical simulation and offering far greater accuracy than conventional engineering methods, large eddy simulation (LES) is now widely used for studying complex thermophysics in propulsion and power systems. However, because LES demands extremely complex tools, predictive LES has been problematic, leading to sometimes ambiguous results...

New Conceptual Insights into Diesel Engine Fuel-Injection Processes

Post, March 12, 2014 • By Joe Oefelein By combining advanced theory and high-fidelity large eddy simulation, CRF researchers Rainer Dahms and Joe Oefelein have provided new conceptual insights that promise to improve the understanding and prediction of fuel-injection processes at high-pressure diesel engine conditions. Their results, which were corroborated by experiments performed by CRF...

SAE International Honors CRF Researchers for Outstanding Presentations

Post, July 25, 2014 • Joseph Oefelein Solid technical work is great—but the ability to communicate effectively about that work is equally critical. To acknowledge the importance of good communication—and maintain a high quality of presentation at its technical meeting—SAE International established the SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation award in 1972. This year, two Sandians,...