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Joe Pratt Presented Market Transformation Work at Two Conferences

Post, November 7, 2013 • Joe Pratt presented work for DOE’s Market Transformation group at two international conferences.  At the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium in Brussels, Belgium on June 13, 2013, Joe gave a DOE-prepared talk on the work the Market Transformation group is doing in the...

Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Unit to Provide Green, Sustainable Power to Honolulu Port

Post, April 3, 2014 • Clean hydrogen power that’s expected to lower emissions and reduce energy consumption will be coming to the Port of Honolulu in 2015 after the completion of a new fuel cell technology demonstration, one that could lead to a commercial technology for ports worldwide. A new fuel cell demonstration project led...

Sandia, Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers Partner on Hydrogen Storage System for Forklifts

Post, May 1, 2014 • Zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell systems soon could be powering the forklifts used in warehouses and other industrial settings at lower costs and with faster refueling times than ever before, courtesy of a partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers (HHC). The goal of the project is to design...