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CRF hosts Advisory Committee meeting

Post, April 8, 2013 • In January, Transportation Energy Center Director Bob Carling hosted a CRF Advisory Committee meeting. The two-day event featured research presentations on the Center for Infrastructure Research and Innovation, the Spray Combustion Consortium, measurement and modeling approaches to support climate mitigation, and diagnostics; visits to the Char Combustion lab, Advanced Imaging...

CRF Visitor Balint Sztaray receives DOE Visiting Faculty Program Award

Post, April 8, 2013 • CRF visitor Balint Sztaray, a professor of Chemistry at University of the Pacific, received a 2013 Visiting Faculty Program (VPW) Award  from DOE. The award will fund 10 weeks of research at the CRF for Balint and one of his undergraduate students. They will be working on combining Balint’s method...

Dennis Siebers hosts Advanced Engine Combustion program review

Post, April 8, 2013 • Engine Combustion manager Dennis Siebers hosted an Advanced Engine Combustion program review meeting from Feb. 5-7. Participants included researchers from the national labs, academia, and industry. Jackie O’Connor, Paul Miles, John Dec, Lyle Pickett, Cosmin Dumitrescu, Julien Manin, Magnus Sjoberg, Dipankar Sahoo, and Scott Skeen gave presentations on their research.