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  • Dedication, curiosity earn chemist DOE Early Career Award

    |Krupa Ramasesha

    Each year, the Department of Energy awards five-year, $2.5M, Early Career Award grants to young scientists, chosen through a highly competitive research proposal selection process. For CRF scientist Krupa Ramasesha, winning the Department of Energy’s Early Career Award means that she can launch an in-depth study of how the unique interactions of nanoparticles with light […]

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  • Sandia influences ocean research with hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vessel design

    FUEL CELL FUTURE — An Engineering model of a new Scripps Institution of Oceanography research vessel that incorporates hydrogen fuel cells with a liquid hydrogen tank — labelled LH2. The vessel was conceived by Sandia, Glosten and Scripps, with the hydrogen fuel cell providing power for propulsion and energy for the ship’s systems (Photo courtesy […]

  • Accelerating research of complex chemistry problems

    The Exascale Catalytic Chemistry project, a partnership with Sandia, Argonne, and Pacific Northwest national laboratories, and Brown and Northeastern universities, started in 2017 and brings together physical chemists and applied mathematicians to design computational tools that can take advantage of the world’s most powerful computers to speed up understanding of heterogeneous catalysis, a complex chemistry […]



  • Sandia to demonstrate Hydrogen Risk Assessment Models toolkit prototype

    With recent hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market acceleration, cities and neighborhoods where these cars are being sold exhibit a growing need to advance hydrogen fueling system deployments. Understanding and assessing hydrogen-fueling and -storage system risks is a challenging proposition because the necessary scientific information is diffuse and found only in isolated published papers, within research […]

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