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Capturing the Moment of Hydrogen Ignition in the Turbulent Combustion Lab

Post, September 6, 2013 • Hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric vehicles could be coming to a showroom near you in just a few years. Automotive manufacturers are perfecting their options, and with a plan to open 68 public hydrogen fueling stations by 2015, the State of California leads the nation in hydrogen vehicle infrastructure deployment. A...

CRF Paper Among Most Cited Journal of Physical Chemistry Articles

Post, September 6, 2013 • An article by Oliver Welz, Judit Zádor, John D. Savee, Leonid Sheps, David L. Osborn, and Craig A. Taatjes, “Low-temperature combustion chemistry of n-butanol: Principal oxidation pathways of hydroxybutyl radicals,” was among the top 20 most-cited articles for the Journal of Physical Chemistry A for the month of July. In...

CRF Researchers Make Significant Contributions to Laser Diagnostics in Combustion Conference

Post, September 6, 2013 • Tom Settersten, manager of the Combustion Chemistry and Diagnostics Department, chaired the biennial Laser Diagnostics in Combustion Gordon Research Conference, held August 11–16 in New Hampshire. Former CRF manager, Mark Linne (now director of the Combustion Engine Research Center at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden), who was vice-Chair for this meeting,...