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Judit Zádor Elected Fellow of The Combustion Institute

Post, March 5, 2024 • Judit Zádor (8353), a physical chemist, has been elected a 2024 Fellow of The Combustion Institute “for exceptional contributions in theoretical chemical kinetics and innovations in approaches for automating quantum chemical calculations.” The lifetime honorific title of Fellow is a testament to active participation in the combustion field through publications...
Judit Zador

New Take on an Old Laser Diagnostic Opens Up Additional Avenues for Combustion Research

Post, May 29, 2013 • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS)—one of the most powerful gas-phase spectroscopic techniques—has been widely used and refined over the last 40 years in many fields of chemical physics, from chemical sensing and standoff detection of biowarfare agents to measuring molecular dynamics. CARS has also been applied to numerous combustion research...