Criegee intermediate

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Craig Taatjes To Be Awarded Polanyi Medal for Pioneering Work in Combustion Chemistry

Post, November 27, 2013 • Sandia combustion chemist Craig Taatjes, whose groundbreaking work on Criegee intermediates has provided scientific insight into hydrocarbon combustion and atmospheric chemistry, has been selected to receive the prestigious Polanyi Medal at the 23rd International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena, which will be held on July 20–25, 2014, in...

CRF Researchers Make Direct Kinetic Measurements of Criegee Intermediate

Post, May 29, 2013 • Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories’ Combustion Research Facility, the University of Manchester, Bristol University, University of Southampton, and Hong Kong Polytechnic have successfully measured reaction rates of a second Criegee intermediate, CH3CHOO, and proven that the reactivity of the atmospheric chemical depends strongly on which way the molecule is twisted....