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Concentrating on Sunshine to Advance the Hydrogen Economy

Post, July 24, 2013 • Ivan Ermanoski works on a room-temperature prototype of the packed particle bed reactor for solar-thermochemical hydrogen production. (Photo by Randy Montoya) Can solar energy be harnessed to address climate change and other impacts of the world’s dependence on carbon-based fuels? A Sandia team that includes principal investigator Tony McDaniel in...

Sandia experts lead technical investigation of hydrogen release incident

Post, October 12, 2012 • Hydrogen experts at Sandia/California were tapped for their technical expertise through a first-ever contract with the state of California to investigate a May 4 hydrogen release at the Bay Area’s Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) hydrogen fueling station in Emeryville, CA. Based on the outcome of that investigation, on...