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CRF Visitor Program News August 2011

Post, August 22, 2011 • Gaurav Bansal, post-doc with Jackie Chen Gaurav‘s research was supported by the Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center. He worked on direct numerical simulation (DNS) of homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion with di-methyl ether, an oxygenated fuel, DNS of pulsating flame instabilities, and isometric mapping to identify reduced parameterizations in combustion....

CRF Visitor Program News Winter-Spring 2012

Post, May 1, 2012 • CRF Visitors Darwin Arifin Darwin Arifin is a return graduate student visitor from the University of Colorado. He will be participating in experiments related to the production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide via thermochemical redox cycles of ceria and doped ceria. Such thermochemical cycles are a means to produce precursors...