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CRF Visitors, July and August 2013

Post, November 21, 2013 • Russell Fitzgerald 6/3/13-7/26/13 Host: Isaac Ekoto General Electric (GE) research scientist and former Sandian Russell Fitzgerald came to the CRF for two months to work with Isaac Ekoto to evaluate the suitability of employing an in situ carbon monoxide (CO) detection technique in an optically accessible gas turbine test rig...

CRF Visitors, September 2013

Post, November 21, 2013 • Niels Leermakers 5/1/2013-9/13/2013 Host: Mark Musculus Niels Leermakers, a Ph.D. candidate from Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, visited the CRF for four months to collaborate with Mark Musculus on a DOE project to better understand details of the temporal and spatial evolution of soot and soot precursors under...