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CRF Researchers Honored by DOE

Post, July 10, 2014 • Two Sandians received the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program achievement award. Pictured (from left to right) are Erika Sutherland (DOE FCTO), Brian Somerday, Chris San Marchi, and Will James (DOE FCTO). The Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting held on June 17, 2014, gave two DOE groups, the...

Free-Piston Engines: A Possible Route to Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

Post, November 20, 2014 • A Sandia team is pursuing a novel route to hybrid-electric vehicles: the free-piston engine. So called because the piston is not mechanically linked to other engine systems, such as the crankshaft, the free-piston engine may provide greater efficiency than its conventional diesel and gasoline counterparts. Fueled by renewably sourced hydrogen,...