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CRF Visitors, March 2014

Post, May 5, 2014 • Xinyu Zhao Xinyu Zhao 1/13/14-3/7/14 Host: Jackie Chen Xinyu Zhao is a roving postdoctoral fellow at the Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center (a DOE-funded center led by Princeton University focused on predictive modeling to improve the design of advanced engines) who is co-mentored by Dan Haworth of Pennsylvania State University...

Widespread Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Goal of H2FIRST Project

Post, May 5, 2014 • As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to roll out in increasing numbers, the infrastructure for fueling them must expand as well. To this end, a new project launched by the Energy Department and led by Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will work in support of...