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Fellow, Combustion Research Facility, Transportation Research Center

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Fellow, Combustion Research Facility, Transportation Research Center


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Sandia National Laboratories, California
P.O. Box 969
Livermore, CA 94551-0969


Dave was born in Albuquerque New Mexico and attended the University of New Mexico where he obtained his bachelors in Chemistry and was captain of the gymnastics team in 1975. He obtained a PhD in Chemistry at Indiana University and performed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford. Dave joined the Combustion Research Facility at Sandia National Laboratory in 1982 and was promoted to Fellow in 2018. His research interest span understanding the details of photo-chemistry and collision dynamics as well as optical diagnostic development for better detection of molecular species. He conceived and built the first ion imaging apparatus in 1987 and published the first manuscript with this apparatus with Dr. Paul Houston visiting the CRF from Cornell University. He was chair of the Division of Chemical Physics of the APS in 2017 and was associate editor of the Journal of Chemical Physics for 10 years, 2008–2018. He is presently a Research Fellow at Sandia National Laboratory and the program manager for the Gas Phase Chemical Physics program at Sandia.


Dave Chandler received his BS degree in Chemistry from the University of New Mexico in 1975 and his PhD in Chemistry in 1979 from Indiana University, where he worked under Dr. George Ewing studying vibrational energy transfer in cryogenic liquids. He accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the Stanford University laboratory of Dr. Richard N. Zare, where he studied unimolecular reactions after excitation of a high vibrational overtone transition.

Research Interests

Dr. Chandler’s research has centered around the development and use of multiplex detection techniques, like Ion Imaging, for the study of chemical dynamics, both unimolecular photodissociation and bimolecular collision dynamics. In collaboration with many researchers bot inside and outside of Sandia, he has performed extensive measurements of differential cross sections, alignment and orientation of products of photodissociation products, and inelastic collisions between molecules and atoms under single collision conditions. In collaboration with Dr. Kevin Strecker, he has utilized crossed molecular beam scattering to cool molecules by collisions to temperatures in the millikelvin range and has studied collision induced dissociation of very vibrationally hot molecules on a single collision basis. In collaboration with Dr. Carl Hayden at Sandia he worked on early intramolecular vibrational relaxation (IVR) and several ultrafast techniques for the real time study of chemical dynamics. In collaboration with Dr. Kevin Strecker (Sandia), Dave developed and patented a new type of multiplexed, Fourier transform, cavity-ring-down spectrometer that relies upon the interferogram generated by the output of two confocal etalons. Dave is presently studying the scattering, attachment, and reactions of electrons from small molecules. He is also applying electron imaging to secondary electron microscopy to measure the velocity distribution of secondary electrons from surfaces. Dave has published over 100 manuscripts in refereed journals.


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Chandler D.W., and Houston P. L. (1987) Two-Dimensional Imaging of State Selected Photo-Dissociation Products Detected by Multi-Photon Ionization, Journal of chemical Physics Vol,87 (2), pages 1445-1447, DOI:10.1063/1.453276

Patents & Trademarks

with Carl Hayden, development of a photodetector for the detection of single photons that simultaneously provided the arrival time and color of each photon.

With Kevin Strecker, for the development of the dual comb spectrometer to obtain multiplexed cavity ring down spectroscopy with the resolution of a confocal etalon utilizing a low-resolution laser.

With Kimberly Celio, for development of an imaging detector and scheme for the direct and fast measurement of the velocity of secondary electrons coming from an secondary electron microscope.

with Leapfrog Toy Company for invention of an efficient and cheap electronic voting machine and process with both paper and electronic recording of the votes.


  • O. W. Adams Award for Outstanding Research in Basic Science
    • 1993- Sandia National Laboratories
  • American Physical Society
    • 1998-Herbert P. Broida Award for the invention of the Ion Imaging technique
  • American Physical Society
    • 2017-Chair of the Division of Chemical Physics of the APS.
  • Journal of Chemical Physics
    • 2009-2019-Associate Editor of JCP for Gas Phase Chemical Physics.