Suhas Kumar

Materials Physics


I make computers smarter by combining nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.


Ph.D., Stanford University


Timothy Brown, Stephanie Bohaichuk, Mahnaz Islam, Suhas Kumar, Eric Pop, R. Williams, (2022). Electro-Thermal Characterization of Dynamical VO2 Memristors via Local Activity Modeling Advanced Materials Publication ID: 80212

Christopher Perez, Atharv Jog, Heungdong Kwon, Daniel Gall, Mehdi Asheghi, Suhas Kumar, Woosung Park, Kenneth Goodson, (2022). Dominant Energy Carrier Transitions and Thermal Anisotropy in Epitaxial Iridium Thin Films Advanced Functional Materials Publication ID: 80128

Christopher Perez, Scott Ellis, Eric Smoll, Elliot Fuller, Joseph Michael, David Chandler, Mehdi Asheghi, Kenneth Goodson, Albert Talin, Suhas Kumar, (2021). Surface Dynamics in p-InAs and n-GaAs Probed with Scanning Ultrafast Electron Microscopy (SUEM) Publication ID: 76989

Albert Talin, Scott Ellis, Norman Bartelt, Francois Leonard, Christopher Perez, Km Celio, Elliot Fuller, David Hughart, D. Garland, Matthew Marinella, Joseph Michael, David Chandler, Steve Young, Sean Smith, Suhas Kumar, (2021). Thermal Infrared Detectors: expanding performance limits using ultrafast electron microscopy Publication ID: 75868

Rob Aitken, Yorie Nakahira, John Strachan, Kirk Bresniker, Ian Young, Zhiyong Li, Leonard Klebanoff, Carrie Burchard, Suhas Kumar, Matthew Marinella, William Severa, Albert Talin, Craig Vineyard, Christian Mailhiot, Robert Dick, Wei Lu, Jace Mogill, (2021). Energy Efficient Computing R&D Roadmap Outline for Automated Vehicles Publication ID: 75277

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