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ACME: Climate Modeling Powered by DOE Supercomputers, Tamed by Uncertainty Quantification

Post, September 22, 2014 • Facing increasing evidence of climate change, scientists around the world are working to improve climate modeling, hoping to provide decision makers solid projections to guide the development of mitigating policies. Khachik Sargsyan is leading a Sandia effort to strengthen climate models through uncertainty quantification (UQ) for the Accelerated Climate Model...

CRF Visitors, January 2014

Post, March 12, 2014 • Adam Wahab 9/16/2013-1/21/2014 Host: Wayne Staats During a several-month visit, Adam Wahab assisted Wayne Staats, Jeff Koplow, Justin Vanness, and Ryan Gorman in developing a new lighting technology that uses a variant of the Sandia Cooler—a highly efficient heat exchanger for microelectronic devices—to cool the LED array. Specifically, Adam created...

Sandia’s Exascale Computing Effort Expected to Curtail Effects of System Faults

Post, March 19, 2014 • Computing power today is more potent than ever before. Or is it? In many applications, yes, but when it comes to sophisticated, detailed modeling of the Earth’s climate and other pressing global challenges, an apt analogy to describe our computational resources might be the use of an abacus to track...

Students and Professors Spend the Summer at Sandia under DOE’s WDTS Program

Post, August 20, 2014 • This past summer, the CRF was the research home to 11 students and 2 professors who participated in the DOE Office of Science's Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) Program. By allowing students and professors to conduct research internships at national laboratories, this program is helping to develop the...