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Chemical Kinetic Rate Coefficient Estimation Given Partial Information

Post, May 13, 2013 • Habib Najm, Khachik Sargsyan, and Bert Debusschere of the CRF, working with Cosmin Safta of Sandia’s Computer Sciences and Information Systems center and Robert Berry, formerly at the CRF and presently at The Climate Corporation in San Francisco, California, have demonstrated the use of a data free inference (DFI) approach...

Judit Zádor Elected Fellow of The Combustion Institute

Post, March 5, 2024 • Judit Zádor (8353), a physical chemist, has been elected a 2024 Fellow of The Combustion Institute “for exceptional contributions in theoretical chemical kinetics and innovations in approaches for automating quantum chemical calculations.” The lifetime honorific title of Fellow is a testament to active participation in the combustion field through publications...
Judit Zador

Nils Hansen Receives Wilhelm Jost Memorial Medal

Post, June 24, 2024 • Nils Hansen, a physical chemist, has been chosen to receive the Wilhelm Jost Memorial Medal and deliver the Jost memorial lectures, awarded by the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities with guidance from the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry. This award is given to an internationally acclaimed physical chemist...