Development of Thermal Stratification

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Characterizing the development of thermal stratification in HCCI engines

Post, May 16, 2011 • Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines can deliver high efficiencies—comparable to a diesel engine or higher—and ultra-low NOx and particulate emissions. They also offer the potential for lower cost than diesel engines and do not require expensive diesel-emissions after treatment for a significantly lower overall package price. HCCI is therefore...
Figure 1. Schematic of the optically accessible HCCI research engine.|Temporal sequence of T-map images at the mid-plane of the pancake combustion chamber|Figure 3. T-map image sequence from mid-plane to near the wall at 360° CA. The “z” value below each image gives the distance of the image plane below the cylinder head.|Figure 4. Side-view T-map image showing the thermal stratification in the bulk-gas and near-wall regions at TDC (360° CA).