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A New Concept for Time-Resolved Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy

Post, November 22, 2013 • In developing the dual etalon frequency comb (DEFCOM) spectrometer, CRF researchers Haifeng Huang and David Chandler are refining a new concept for time-resolved Fourier-transform (FT) spectroscopy based on the interference between two transient frequency combs. By opening the door to many potential uses—including time-resolved, high-resolution, broad-band spectroscopy with a microsecond...

Characterizing the development of thermal stratification in HCCI engines

Post, May 16, 2011 • Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines can deliver high efficiencies—comparable to a diesel engine or higher—and ultra-low NOx and particulate emissions. They also offer the potential for lower cost than diesel engines and do not require expensive diesel-emissions after treatment for a significantly lower overall package price. HCCI is therefore...
Figure 1. Schematic of the optically accessible HCCI research engine.|Temporal sequence of T-map images at the mid-plane of the pancake combustion chamber|Figure 3. T-map image sequence from mid-plane to near the wall at 360° CA. The “z” value below each image gives the distance of the image plane below the cylinder head.|Figure 4. Side-view T-map image showing the thermal stratification in the bulk-gas and near-wall regions at TDC (360° CA).

CRF Research Seeks to Improve Confidence in Large Eddy Simulations

Post, May 30, 2014 • Allowing solutions unattainable with direct numerical simulation and offering far greater accuracy than conventional engineering methods, large eddy simulation (LES) is now widely used for studying complex thermophysics in propulsion and power systems. However, because LES demands extremely complex tools, predictive LES has been problematic, leading to sometimes ambiguous results...

Dennis Siebers hosts Advanced Engine Combustion program review

Post, April 8, 2013 • Engine Combustion manager Dennis Siebers hosted an Advanced Engine Combustion program review meeting from Feb. 5-7. Participants included researchers from the national labs, academia, and industry. Jackie O’Connor, Paul Miles, John Dec, Lyle Pickett, Cosmin Dumitrescu, Julien Manin, Magnus Sjoberg, Dipankar Sahoo, and Scott Skeen gave presentations on their research.

Lyle Pickett Named SAE Fellow

Post, October 21, 2013 • Lyle Pickett has been named a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Established in 1975, the Fellow grade honors and recognizes important engineering, scientific, and leadership achievements to enhance the status of SAE’s contributions to the profession and to society. Lyle was selected based on his pioneering research...

New Conceptual Insights into Diesel Engine Fuel-Injection Processes

Post, March 12, 2014 • By Joe Oefelein By combining advanced theory and high-fidelity large eddy simulation, CRF researchers Rainer Dahms and Joe Oefelein have provided new conceptual insights that promise to improve the understanding and prediction of fuel-injection processes at high-pressure diesel engine conditions. Their results, which were corroborated by experiments performed by CRF...

New Polarized-Depolarized Measurement Capability Extends Use of Raman/Rayleigh Methods to More Flame Types

Post, February 26, 2014 • By Robert Barlow Allowing single-shot measurements of all major species in nonsooting flames of simple fuels, such as H2 and CH4, spontaneous Raman scattering has been a key CRF laser diagnostic technique for fundamental turbulent-combustion studies. However, laser-induced fluorescence from soot precursors tends to interfere significantly with Raman scattering signals—limiting...

Robert Barlow Awarded Combustion Institute’s Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal

Post, September 12, 2014 • Robert Barlow (left) with former Sandian and current research collaborator Simone Hochgreb of the University of Cambridge, who presented him with the Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal at the 35th International Symposium on Combustion. Sandia National Laboratories scientist Robert Barlow was awarded the Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal at the...

SAE International Honors CRF Researchers for Outstanding Presentations

Post, July 25, 2014 • Joseph Oefelein Solid technical work is great—but the ability to communicate effectively about that work is equally critical. To acknowledge the importance of good communication—and maintain a high quality of presentation at its technical meeting—SAE International established the SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation award in 1972. This year, two Sandians,...

Working Toward Success: A Look at the Engine Combustion Network

Post, October 12, 2012 • American industrialist Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success will take care of itself.” Ford was no doubt speaking on the basis of his business expertise but some 150 years later, his ideas of success are still in motion at the Combustion Research Facility (CRF)....