Sandia Participated in the 3rd Annual Technology Forum of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center – Clean Vehicles Consortium (CERC-CVC)


U.S. and China leaders and researchers involved in the DOE CERC-CVC gathered in Beijing, China, to discuss recent research progress and refine project plans for the remaining 2½ years of the 5-year consortium. The CERC-CVC is one of three U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Centers; the other two consortia focus on clean coal and building energy efficiency.

The CERC-CVC is led by University of Michigan in the U.S. and by Tsinghua University in China. It includes six thrust areas:

  • Advanced battery and energy conversion systems
  • Advanced biofuels, clean combustion, and auxiliary power units
  • Vehicle electrification and controls
  • Advanced lightweight materials and structures
  • Vehicle-to-grid integration
  • Energy systems analysis, technology roadmaps, and policies

Sandia is a participant in projects and contributed to posters on advanced biofuels (with JBEI), advanced batteries, and thermoelectric materials and co-chaired and presented in the energy systems analysis breakout session.

Other partners include The Ohio State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tonghi University, Beihang University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Institute of Technology, and Wuhan University of Technology.