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CRF begins research for Clean Vehicles Consortium

Post, May 15, 2012 • In the fall of 2010, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the selection of three research consortia between the U.S. and China to advance clean energy in the areas of building energy efficiency, clean vehicles, and advanced coal technology. Sandia and the CRF are pleased to begin research in...

Dawn Manley supports Senatorial visit to China

Post, May 10, 2012 • Dawn Manley with Senator Bingaman (photo courtesy of Jonathan Black) Senior Manager Dawn Manley accompanied Senior New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman on his recent trip to Hong Kong and China to discuss their clean-energy landscape. The U.S. delegation sought to learn more about the policies and incentives that Hong Kong...

Sandia to demonstrate Hydrogen Risk Assessment Models toolkit prototype

Post, June 18, 2014 • With recent hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market acceleration, cities and neighborhoods where these cars are being sold exhibit a growing need to advance hydrogen fueling system deployments. Understanding and assessing hydrogen-fueling and -storage system risks is a challenging proposition because the necessary scientific information is diffuse and found only in...

Turbulent Jet Flame Database Generated for Sooty Fuels

Post, August 30, 2011 • Figure 1. Design drawings of burner (a and b), showing the central fuel tube surrounded by a perforated plate that supports small pilot flames for stabilizing high-speed flames. Photograph (c) of pilot flames and the base of an ethylene jet flame. The CRF has a long and distinguished history of...

Widespread Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Goal of H2FIRST Project

Post, May 5, 2014 • As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles continue to roll out in increasing numbers, the infrastructure for fueling them must expand as well. To this end, a new project launched by the Energy Department and led by Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will work in support of...