CRF begins research for Clean Vehicles Consortium

Image of CERC-CV.png

In the fall of 2010, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the selection of three research consortia between the U.S. and China to advance clean energy in the areas of building energy efficiency, clean vehicles, and advanced coal technology. Sandia and the CRF are pleased to begin research in this crucial partnership as part of the Clean Vehicles Consortium.

Led by the University of Michigan (U.S. consortium) and Tsinghua University (Chinese consortium), the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center for Clean Vehicles (CERC-CV) brings together academia, national laboratories, and industry to conduct research in energy systems analysis, technology roadmaps and policies; vehicle-grid interactions; vehicle electrification; advanced batteries and energy conversion; advanced biofuels and clean combustion; and advanced lightweight materials and structures. The U.S. and China constitute the largest vehicle markets and the largest greenhouse gas emitters; therefore, collaboration between the two countries is essential. The consortium seeks to contribute to vehicle technologies that reduce dependence on oil and improve fuel efficiency.