Future scientists explore Sandia and the CRF


On April 28, nearly 200 daughters, sons, and family friends spent the morning at Sandia’s California laboratory with their parents, getting a look at where mom and dad work and engaging in activities around the site. As always the CRF was a major player, staging several popular demonstrations and exhibits. Older children had the opportunity to build and program Lego Mindstorm robots in the mezzanine, and the “nano” spaghetti demo was a big hit. Perhaps the most exciting attraction was the opportunity to ride on the hydrogen-powered bus.

Image of Future Scientists

CRF staff member Isaac Ekoto (Hydrogen and Combustion Technology) and post-doc Ajith Mascarenhas (Reacting Flow Research) spoke to students at presentations arranged by the Sandia Women’s Connection, which offered the chance for middle-and high-school students to meet science, engineering, and technology professionals and learn about their careers, with an emphasis on workforce diversity.