February 2012

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Senior manager of the Livermore Valley Open Campus, Andy McIlroy, presented a poster at the Industry-National Laboratory Workshop on Materials for Energy held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from January 30-February 1. The poster, entitled “Clean and Efficient Combustion for Energy Security,” was featured in the session on Energy: grid, carbon capture/sequestration, and combustion.

On February 2, Sandia/California vice president Rick Stulen hosted William Brinkman, Director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. During his visit, Dr. Brinkman was briefed on the breadth and impact of Office of Science funded research at Sandia/CA—including combustion chemistry, advanced scientific computing, materials sciences, and biological sciences—and the Livermore Valley Open Campus. Transportation Energy Director, Bob Carling, and senior manager Dawn Manley supported the visit.

Engine Combustion manager Dennis Siebers hosted a working group meeting of the Advanced Engine Consortia on automotive engines and HCCl combustion from February 14-16. Participants included researchers from the national labs, academia, and industry.

Also in the February, manager Daniel Dedrick hosted two researchers from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST): Dr. Mayumi Tode and Dr. Nobuhiko Takeichi visited the CRF to collaborate on work in the field of metal hydrides for hydrogen storage.

On February 23, Director General Jack K.C. Chiang, Director C.M. Hung, President Sean S.H. Wang, and Director Joseph Yang of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center joined District Director Brian Hooker, from Representative John Garamendi’s office, to take a tour of the CRF. Bob Carling, the Director of the Transportation Energy Center, and CRF staff members hosted the visitors.

CRF researchers joined other Sandians at the 2012 ARPA-E conference in Energy Innovation Summit Washington D.C. from February 27-29. CRF staff members were on hand at the Sandia booth to discuss current projects and breakthroughs; work conducted at the CRF was also featured in Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s keynote presentation.