April 2012

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On April 10-12, CRF manager Damian Rouson and senior technical staff member Karla Morris taught an intensive workshop on object-oriented programming (OOP) in Fortran 2003 at the University of California at Berkeley. OOP aims to increase a program’s maintainability in part by reducing cross-module data dependencies and to increase a program’s reusability in part by providing for extensible derived types. Emerging compiler support for Fortran 2003 inspires a more modern program design and implementation style.

On April 17-19, members of the Engineering Sciences External Review Panel were invited to visit Sandia/California to provide an assessment and advice on the health, opportunities and strategy associated with Sandia’s Engineering Sciences Research Foundation. The review panel, which consisted of members from academia, industry, and national laboratories, toured the CA facility. Transportation Energy Center Director, Bob Carling, CRF senior manager, Dawn Manley, and other members of the CRF technical staff toured the panel through the combustion chemistry and engine labs and participated in further discussions.

Karla Morris also presented a technical talk on April 23at the University of California in Berkeley. The presentation, entitled “Software Design of Multiphysics Problems via Object-Oriented Fortran 2003,” was given to members of the UC Berkeley Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students (BGESS) and the Latin American Graduate Students in Engineering and Science (LAGSES) to show how minority researchers can succeed at Sandia. Says Dr. Morris, “It is gratifying to speak to those who can benefit from hearing about our research and even better, to inspire them to join our endeavors.”

On April 24, Director Bob Carling and senior manager of the Livermore Valley Open Campus, Andy McIlroy, participated in a visit by the Chancellor of the California State Universities. A discussion of existing programs and future collaborations followed and was also attended by Chancellor Charles B. Reed, Mayor John Marchand of Livermore interim CEO Rob White of Innovation for Green Advanced Transportation Excellence (i-GATE), President Leroy M. Morishita of Cal State University East Bay, Dean Mike Ward of Chico State University, President Mohammad Qayoumi of San Jose State University, Dean Debra Larson of California Polytechnic State University, and directors from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.