Sandia analysis of fuel consumption trends in construction projects appears in the journal Energy Policy

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Energy Policy

Sandia researchers examined fuel use in construction projects and observed that estimates of fuel consumption in these projects are highly variable. Lack of standards for reporting at both the equipment and project levels make it difficult to quantify the magnitude of fuel consumption and the associated opportunities for efficiency improvements in construction projects. The study examined clusters of Environmental Impact Reports for seemingly similar construction projects in California and found that construction projects are not characterized consistently by task or equipment. The analysis showed wide variations in estimates for fuel use in terms of tasks, equipment, and overall projects, which may be attributed in part to inconsistencies in methodology and parameter ranges. The analysis suggests that standardizing fuel consumption reporting and estimation methodologies for construction projects would enable quantification of opportunities for efficiency improvements at both the equipment and project levels. With increasing emphasis on reducing fossil fuel consumption, it will be important to quantify opportunities to increase fuel efficiency, including across the construction sector.

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