Greg Wagner announced as new manager of the Thermal/Fluid Sciences Department

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Greg Wagner

The CRF is proud to welcome Greg Wagner as the new manager of the Thermal/Fluid Sciences Department. Dr. Wagner holds a B.S. from Boston University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University, all in Mechanical Engineering.  During his six-year tenure at Sandia, he has worked on Sierra thermal/fluid code development, multiphase flow simulation, multiscale computational methods for nanostructured materials, and thermo-mechanical modeling of optical systems.  The Thermal/Fluid Sciences Department combines the development of new models and simulation tools in the area of fluid dynamics and heat transfer with the application of those tools to real engineering problems in defense, energy, and industrial applications.  Says Dr. Wagner, “The diversity of work in the department, and the outstanding engineering science that gets done here, are what attracted me to Sandia in the first place. In my new role, I’m excited about the opportunities we have to grow even stronger partnerships with the rest of the CRF and across Sandia.”