CRF Co-Sponsored the Gordon Research Conference on Atomic and Molecular Interactions

Image of Gordon RC 2012

The CRF was proud to sponsor the attendance of ten students at the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Atomic and Molecular Interactions. The awardees presented posters on their work and were available for a question-and-answer session about their research. From left to right, the awardees are pictured with both the conference chair and the CRF sponsor.

Jessica Litman (University of British Columbia); Bernadette Broderick (Wayne State University); Craig Taatjes (Sponsor, CRF); Monika Gruetter (JILA, University of Colorado/National Institute of Standards and Technology); Gareth Roberts (University of Warwick); Evan Buchanan (Purdue University); Stephen McGurck (Heriot-Watt University); Hong Gao (University of California, Davis); Joseph Beames (University of Pennsylvania); Amit Samanta (University of Southern California); Tim Zwier (Chair, Purdue University); Cornelia Heid (University of Wisconsin, Madison)