High school engineering students visit CRF

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Livermore High School science teacher Karen Fletcher and 12 sophomore students from the Green Engineering Academy got to see applied science in action during a Feb. 19, 2020, visit to Sandia’s California campus. Students met several Sandia engineers who shared their combustion research expertise. James Siacunco talked about his career path and led by a tour of two labs at the Combustion Research Facility. Ethan Hecht explained how he uses lasers to perform hydrogen safety tests to design safe storage options so companies can expand hydrogen-fuel-cell filling stations throughout the state. Students then toured the optical engine lab, which is used to test conditions inside cylinders during combustion, with researcher Chuck Mueller.

After the visit, Fletcher said, “My students and I were pleasantly surprised to see the researchers working on clean energy for cars and trucks. In the Green Engineering Academy at Livermore High School, students learn about clean and renewable energy and how engineering can improve our world.” Fletcher said her students enjoyed hearing about CRF’s tests of ducted fuel injection, which promises to all but eliminate soot in diesel engines.

Sandia’s Community Relations team believes the work being done at the Labs gives local students, who represent the scientists and engineers of tomorrow, the opportunity to see the real-life, scientific applications in products that could shape the future. We want to consider them to consider college and career decisions in light of seeing means to do collaborative research that will improve their communities, and how, possibly, a Sandia undergraduate or graduate internship might help them achieve their goals.


Full story appeared originally in Sandia Lab News, March 2020.