Outstanding Technology: Ducted Fuel Injection

Image of DFI-Team.jpg

Sandia researchers won an Outstanding Technology Development Award for its work on ducted fuel injection (DFI), a patented technology that slashes emissions of soot and nitrogen oxides from diesel engines by about 80% and is synergistic with sus­tainable liquid fuels like biodiesel.

According to Chuck Mueller, who leads the project, DFI is a simple, mechan­ical solution that involves installing tubes inside a diesel engine’s combustion chamber. Passing each fuel spray through a tube enhances entrainment and mixing, leading to lower soot production than when fuel is sprayed unconfined into a chamber. The lower soot levels enable the use of an existing, cost-effective approach to simultaneously attenuate emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Sandia was awarded a DOE Technology Commercialization Fund project in 2018 to advance DFI research. The Sandia team is currently seeking commercial partners to further develop the technology.

Lab News article (2020)

Lab News article (2019)